Red Wing #9011 Beckman

Whether we will be willing to test the new Coffee Bean-bag long sole -  DrSole kindly requested when we were placing an order. And since our own Beckman's needed new soles, we agreed. 

Roccia sole and heel plate were removed and a leather 5 mm midsole was set in place; combined with the Coffee Bean-bag sole a beautful long line was then achieved. With a wider base for the heel we've created a more bulky heel with an exquisite leather edge.

A half leatherstack heel tops the black/leather combination with the beautiful 8 year patina presenting a unique boot.

9011 1

9011 2

9011 3

9011 4

Sole: DRSOLE#COFFEEBB € 95,- (limited Edition)

Midsole: 5 mm € 27,50

Leatherstack: Half € 10,-

Extra: doublestitch+brass rivets € 10,-



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