Red Wing #101 Postman Vibram #435

One way to turn the iconic Red Wing #101Postman into a totaly different boot.

With the Huntsman boot in mind, this pair has undergone a make over and now looks complete with the vintage edge finish.

101 435 vintage

101 435 vitage3

101 435 vintage2

Sole: VIBRAM#435 € 95,-

MIdsole: 3+5mm Oak Tanned Leather € 40,-

Misc: Vintage Finish

Red Wing #9015 Beckman Vibram #705

They walk around in Singapore, with a double leather midsole and Vibram #705 Tap's. Beautiful Woodsman heel built up with oak tanned leather.

The midsole is not only beautiful, but also helps to regulate damp inside the boots. Perfect either in hot or wet climats.

Red Wing 9015 Beckman2

Red Wing 9015 Beckman

Red Wing 9015 Beckman3


Midsole: 3+5mm Oak Tanned Leather € 40,-

Red Wing Beckman #9014 Vibram Fighter

A customer from Russia: 'could you create a resilient boot to wear on the road and harsh winters in Moscow?'

Leather midsole, Vibram Fighter sole stitched tightly to the welt; a #100 heel with washers firmly clinch-nailed to the upper. Pozhaluysta!

9014 Fighter 2

9014 Fighter 3

9014 Fighter 1

Sole:VIBRAM#2040 FIGHTER € 95,-

Midsole:3+5mm Oak Tanned Leather € 40,-



Chippewa Vibram #700

Having these Chippewa reworked with the great Vibram #700 sole and heel, now it is a totally different boot.

Standard white wedge was replaced with a 5 mm leather midsole, Vibram #700 Chevron sole and heel.

Chippewa 700

Sole: VIBRAM#700 €95,-

Midsole: 5 mm Oak Tanned Leather € 23,50

New Workshop

Finally, our new workshop! It took some time, but here we are.

1st floor, special outsole-stiching and leather-work corner and the big workspace with our grinding machines, press machines and a corner for some special vintage machine such as old clicker press and woodpeg machine.

Great 120 year old walls, wooden work floor for a good atmosphere and even a back yard with foliage and singing birds in the summer.

Workshop 1Workshop 3Workshop 2Workshop 4Workshop 5

Red Wing #8113 Iron Ranger

If you work in the fashion industry, especially denim, you want your boots to be more special then they already are.

So here's Iron Ranger's turned into something special. Natural, with lots of leather, and the beautiful Vibram  #430 sole. With the awesome white stitch by Pedersen making it worthy to be called 'a piece of handcrafted art and quality'.

8113vib430 1

8113vib430 2

8113vib430 3

Sole: VIBRAM#430STACK € 105,-

Midsole: 5 mm LEATHER € 22,50


Red Wing Outdoor Boot

From Norway, this pair of Red Wing Bootmaroc, came in with no Style number, though clearly a Texas boot. After 15 year traveling around the world - time for a resole and toebox repair.

No original sole was available, so we chose the Vibram #100 logger in Honey colour. We repaired the dented toebox, installed a mid brown midsole, stitched and added a small-sized mid brown stack at the heel. 

Paul can travel the world again with his boots, starting with India. 

RwBoot 1

RwBoot 2

RwBoot 3

Sole: VIBRAM#100HONEY STACK €105,-

Miscellaneous: Toebox repair.





Grenson Fred Boot

Time for a resole, rubber in this case.

The black midsole was replaced by a 5 mm leather, Vibram #2055 studded Eton sole. 

When working on the boot we noticed that the innersole was cracked and gone, so we replaced it with a high quality vegetable tanned JR sole and reinforced the paper heel.

GrensonFred 1 

GrensonFred 2

GrensonFred 3

GrensonFred 4

Sole: VIBRAM#2055 ETON € 85,-

Midsole: 5mm LEATHER € 22,50

Miscellaneous: Insole RENDENBACH €32,50


Red Wing #8131 Moctoe 6"

We customized these boots according to the client's wish:

A 5 mm midsole and a black 6 mm sole for a beautiful line and a little leatherstack between the big full heel. 

Minor details, yet making it just a little bit different, more beautiful and stylish with the Vibram #430 mini-lug sole and heel.

8138 430 1

8138 430 2


8138 430 3

8138 430 4

Soles: VIBRAM#430 LEATHERSTACK € 105,-

Midsole: 5 mm Leather € 22,50

Red Wing #8113 Iron Ranger

One of the most beautiful boots, the Iron Ranger, as the Muleskinner leather ages so beautifully.

And with a fresh pair of Nitrile Cork sole, some TLC, they can look for long life ahead.

8113cork 1

8113cork 2

8113cork 3


Miscellaneous: Shipping Europe € 0,- Free

Red Wing #2970 Engineer

Our rework of Engineers with the #2941 Classic Roundtoe: the customer wanted these boots to look more sturdy and robust, as a Bikerboot from 'Zen and the art of motorcycle maintance' should look like.

The combination of the Briar Oilslick leather with the Tan coloured Siërra sole is awesome, we think. 

This pair is also a good example how you can change your "ordinary" Engineers into a completly different boot.

2970sierra 1

2970sierra 2

2970sierra 3

875stormw 4

Sole: VIBRAM#1276SIERRA-TAN € 75,-

Midsole: Goodyear welted+20 mm Modeled € 22,50

Red Wing #9007 Woolrich

The Japanese Style #9007 with Woolrich inserts, two great US brands.

This pair from Singapore, came in for a repair as the woven wool was worn out at the edges; then adding a different sole - Japanese Style Coffee Traction Tred. 

A new heel lining supporting the woolen one with the nylon, stitched around; the foam inlay was replaced by real cork.

9007coftr 1

9007coftr 2

9007coftr 3

9007coftr 4


Shipping Cost: #WORLDWIDE € 12,50

Red Wing #8804

Steve from England shipped his years old #8804 to our shop to replace the black Supersole for a white Traction Tred.

The Super sole is made from high quality urethaan, cast directly to the goodyearwelted shoe.

We cut and sand the sole away, stitched a midsole to the PVC welt with black thread and glued the Traction Tred to the midsole.

8804trtr 1

8804trtr 2

8804trtr 3


Shipping cost to:  England € 0,- Free

Dubarrey Boot

The foam midsole desintergrates. What to do?

3 solutions: throw them away, send them to the factory or let us repair them.

If latter: we can build a midsole, including the characteristic deep green insert line. For the sole we used a Vibram #1022.

Dubarrey 1

Dubarrey 2

Dubarrey 3

Dubarrey 4

Sole: VIBRAM#1022 € 57,50

Midsole: DUBARRY € 32,50


Red Wing #8140 Moctoe

The #8140 Moctoe has a Traction Tred original. A few years ago we resoled it with a Nitrile Cork sole.

With a bulky sole and heel, 5+5 mm leather midsole's, Vibram #705 Chevron making it 20 mm total, a massive leatherstacked heel, all with a beautiful Mahogany polished finish. 

They look awesome!

8140 1

8140 2

8140 3

Sole: VIBRAM#705BLACK € 105,-

Midsole: 5+5 € 45,-


Red Wing #9013 Beckman

From Norway a rework, a sole for the harsh Norwegian winters, but that keeps the elegant looks.

Then the Vibram #430 longsole is a good choice, supreme rubber compound with a minilugg profile in the centre for a smooth edge. The half leatherstack heel gives it a nice tough look.

9013430 1

9013430 2


Sole: VIBRAM#430 € 95,-

Heel: Half Leatherstack € 10,-



Denimhunters report

We are proud to be featured on the cover of DENIMHUNTERS.COM with a 2 part report over Red Wing Shoes, the resole and rework by our hands.

Check the report on

reportdenimhunters 1



Red Wing #9011 Beckman

Whether we will be willing to test the new Coffee Bean-bag long sole -  DrSole kindly requested when we were placing an order. And since our own Beckman's needed new soles, we agreed. 

Roccia sole and heel plate were removed and a leather 5 mm midsole was set in place; combined with the Coffee Bean-bag sole a beautful long line was then achieved. With a wider base for the heel we've created a more bulky heel with an exquisite leather edge.

A half leatherstack heel tops the black/leather combination with the beautiful 8 year patina presenting a unique boot.

9011 1

9011 2

9011 3

9011 4

Sole: DRSOLE#COFFEEBB € 95,- (limited Edition)

Midsole: 5 mm € 27,50

Leatherstack: Half € 10,-

Extra: doublestitch+brass rivets € 10,-



Floris van Bommel

This older pair had a blue mini-lug sole and heel. Out of date upon arrival, now top of the line with the brand new Snow Vino Sole.

With its great colour and the dark brown suède, includining special 'upperleather package' (i.e. heel lining, innersole, stitching and patching, cleaning, waxing and new laces) making it an up-to-date shoe again.

FvanBVino 1

FvanBVino 2

FvanBVino 3

FvanBVino 4


Miscellaneous: Upper leather package € 27,50

Return shipping - free.


Red Wing #8180 Kangatan Green

The new re-release of the awesome boot originally designed for baseball player Ted Williams back in the 60's.

Great colour, great boot, but needed work to be done.

Vibram #705 with 3+5 mm midsole and a bulky leather stacked heel.

Paired with the two-tone (Mahogany/Palisander) antique roughout finish plus the great green colour of the full grain leather, add a double stitch and brass nails and voila - one of a kind pair of boots!

8180 705 1

8180 705 2

8180 705 3

8180 705 4

Sole: VIBRAM#705BLACK € 105,-

Midsole: 3+5 mm € 40,-

Extra: Double stitch+brass nails € 10,-




A pair from France. Sent to us after a faulty repair. The wrong sole was glued to the goodyear welt without the midsole. Auch!

We repaired some minor damage on the welt, installed a midsole, goodyear stitched it with linnen thread.

The customer went for a beautifully styled and comfortable DrSole #3060 Cushion Sportsman.

Visvim3060 1

Visvim3060 2

Visvim3060 3

Visvim3060 4




Vintage Bikerboot

A rare find: an awesome vintage Bikerboot with intact leather upper. After about 60 years the sole and welt were worn out, rusted away by staples, which were used to fasten the welt to the upper back in the days.

We stripped it down to the upper, conditioned the leather, added new heel lining and straps. Blake stitched a new welt, cork, 3+5 mm midsole and a leatherstacked heel.

For the rubbersole we have chosen the DrSole Original Raw Cord half sole and heel, double stitched with brass nails and rivets. 

For the ultimate Vintage US Bikerboot look!

VintageBikerB 1

VintageBikerB 2

VintageBikerB 3

VintageBikerB 4

Sole: DRSOLE#1090RAWCORD € 95,-

Midsole: 3+5 mm € 40,-

Full leatherstacked heel: € 15,-

Double stitching/brass: € 10,-

Other work: upon request.

Frye Boot

Originally an all black boot. The client wished to add an extra heel and dito sole. 

Adding a Woodsman/Lineman heel, leather and Vibram Chevron sole with the contrasting stich, we've created an all American boot and ready to battle the harsh Norwegian winters in style.

Frye705 1

Frye705 2

Frye705 3

Frye705 4

Sole: VIBRAM#705BLACK € 105,-

Midsole: 3+5 mm € 40,-


Diesel Style Sneaker

After years of being all around the world it was time for a new sole and an upgrade in quality and looks. We have chosen for the light weight, comfortable and American rugged look of the Vibram Chrystie Morflex sole. A little contrast with the Blake stitched medium brown midsole between the brown leather, edge and white sole makes it great looking.

Dieselchristy 1

Dieselchristy 2

Dieselchristy 3




Red Wing #875

After a few years of hanging in the garden shed, it was time to resuscitate those shoes.

A new handstitched natural leather goodyear-stormwelt, darkbrown midsole for contrast and a new Traction Tred sole. Altogether assigning this pair a fresh natural and special look combined with the beautifel patina.

875stormw 1

875stormw 2

875stormw 3

875stormw 4

Sole: RWS#TTRED € 79,-

Goodyearwelt Handstitched: STORMWELTNAT. € 70,-


Red Wing Engineer 2975

These Engineer boots came in for a resole. Unfortunatly they were poorly resoled before: the goodyearedge was grinded away.

Now with a new handstiched goodyearwelt, cork filling and a fresh original sole, add the patina and they are almost as new.

2975welt 1

2975welt 2

2975welt 3

Sole: RWS#TTRED € 79,-

Goodyearwelt Handstitched: FLAT € 70,-


Red Wing #9013 Beckman

Beckman #9013 turned into a robust leather midsole with a Vibram sole. And a nice polished finish on the Woodsmen/Lineman heel. 

We love to do the transition from the curve to the straight edge. They walk around in Germany now. 

Beckman9013logger705 1


Beckman9013logger705 3

Beckman9013logger705 2

Beckman9013logger705 4

Sole: VIBRAM#705BLACK € 105,-

Midsole: 3+5 mm € 40,-


Red Wing #8138 Moctoe

A beautiful unique tattooed #8138 Moctoe's.

They needed a more robust sole, so our Vibram #705 with the leather midsole is perfect for this boot, add the brass nailed shank and dubble stitching and you get this awesome boot. 

8138 1 705 tattoo

8138 2 705 tattoojpg

8138 3 705 tattoo

8138 4 705 tattoo

Sole: VIBRAM#705BLACK € 105,-

Midsole: 3+5 mm € 40,-

Double Stitched: € 10,-

#0003 08-02-2015

Red Wing #2941 Classic Roundtoe

We turned this Japanese style boots into a Bikerboot.

Using the Vibram Siërra Tan sole with its awesome profile and a subtle shaped midsole, resulting in stylish yet slightly more agressive looking boot. 


2940 2

2941 1

2941 3sierra

Sole: VIBRAM#1276SIERRATAN € 75,-

midsole: Goodyearwelted+20mm: € 22,50

#0002 08-02-2015



Red Wing Lineman-Logger #699

What can we do to change the all black, while keeping it rugged, but not to bulky?

We went for a 5 mm leather midsole at the heel and had it flow into a nice line of  5+5 mm in the sole part.

Now it has a fresh natural leather look, great in combination with the black line of the Vibram sole. We kept the original Logger sole shape, straight edge of the sole with the curved Woodsman/Lineman heel and a rough finish.

These boots are starring in the 2 part series on Red Wing repair at our shop in

 IMG 6979IMG 6980IMG 6981

Sole: VIBRAM #430 € 95,-
Midsole: 5+5 mm € 45,-
Leatherstacked heel: € 15,-

#0001 06-02-2015

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