Vintage Bikerboot

A rare find, a awesome vintage Bikerboot. The leather upper was in good condition. Only the leather sole and welt where gone. Eaten away, after about 60 years, by the rust from the staples. They used to staple the welt to the upper in those days.

We stripped it down to the upper, condition the leather, new heellining and straps. Blake stitched a new welt, cork, 3+5 mm midsole and a leatherstacked heel.

For the rubbersole we choose the DrSole Original Raw Cord half sole and heel, double stitched with brass nails and rivets. 

For the ultimate Vintage US Bikerboot look.

VintageBikerB 1

VintageBikerB 2

VintageBikerB 3

VintageBikerB 4

Sole: DRSOLE#1090RAWCORD € 95,-

Midsole: 3+5 mm € 40,-

Full leatherstacked heel: € 15,-

Double stitching/brass: € 10,-

Other work: in consultation

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