Red Wing Lineman-Logger #699

What we could do to change the all black look, but keep the rouged look, but not to bulky?

We choose for a 5 mm leather midsole at the heel and let it in a nice line transit to a 5+5 mm in the sole part.

Now it has a fresh naturel leather look, great in combination with the black line of the Vibram sole. We kept the original Logger sole shape, straight edge of the sole with the curved Woodsman/Lineman heel and a roughout finish.

These boots are also starring in the 2 part serie about Red Wing repair at our shop in

 IMG 6979IMG 6980IMG 6981

Sole: VIBRAM #430 € 95,-
Midsole: 5+5 mm € 45,-
Leatherstacked heel: € 15,-

#0001 06-02-2015

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